Successfully signed the "baosteel phase I project"

2016-04-02 11:07


The desulfurization and denitrification of coke oven flue gas in coking industry has become one of the key areas concerned by air pollution control. Jiangsu new China international environmental protection technology co., LTD. Invested a lot of money to introduce technology, talent, through the integration of industry resources, optimization of gas treatment technology, in view of the coking industry in flue gas composition and temperature characteristics, to provide a "SDA + rotating spray drying desulphurization dedusting + in the low temperature SCR denitration technology", successfully developed a complete solutions to purification of coke oven flue gas desulfurization denitration, for steel and coking industry in coke oven flue gas denitration device providing design, manufacture, installation, after-sales service, etc.

The company developed the denitration technology of full steel, coking industry customers fully endorsed, signed in March and baoshan iron and steel shares "baoshan iron and steel co., LTD. Iron issue of coke oven flue gas denitration project" unit of the contract. This contract officially established the company in the coke oven flue gas denitrification industry leading position.